About Our Company
Since the inception of "First Insurance Consultants", it has been the goal of our Founder and President, Glenn Waldman, to provide a "Boutique Life Insurance Brokerage Agency" to the life insurance producer. An agency that is attuned to the needs of the upscale producer, with a sense of urgency in the handling of every detail of the case, from the preliminary inquiry stage to the issuance and placement of the policy.

Our Specialty
We specialize in the placement of high risk life insurance cases, as well as tough jumbo and estate planning cases. We routinely place cases every month that are in excess of $100,000 of annual premium.

Solid Client Base
We are fortunate and proud to have some of the foremost life insurance agents in our industry as our clients. This has not come about accidentally, but rather through performance and personalized service. We have been a mainstay at the annual meeting of the "AALU", where we have developed many long term relationships. Our annual "Underwriting Auction" has been one of the highlights of the meeting for the last ten years. Agents have come to know that we are ready to underwrite cases for them right at our booth during the meeting. As an exhibitor at "AALU" we have earned a reputation as being one of the best in getting a tough case done properly.
Our Expertise
When it comes to underwriting your impaired and tough cases, we are among the best in the industry. A "Boutique Life Brokerage" that is set apart from the rest. We don't just shop case files and hope for the best. We devise strategies and unique battle plans and thrive on creative solutions to underwriting challenges.
Sense Of Urgency
Quick response and turnaround are why you will come back to us time and time again. Underwriting to issue is usually accomplished in around 10-30 days.

Our Vision
Looking to the future we foresee ourselves continuing to provide our unique services, because what we do is so specialized. As the distribution in the financial arena changes to banks and institutions, and as electronic transactions become more commonplace, upscale agents will continue to need the personalized services that have become the hallmark of "First Insurance Consultants".
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